Friday, December 30, 2011

might not have a new post for a few days. it seems like im running into a bunch of mediocre songs and i only want to post amazing ones. sorry for all you newcomers. check out the older posts if you want more

4/5 The Holidays - Moonlight Hours (The Swiss Remix)
Disco, oh yeah

3.9/5 Lo-Fi Panda - Next Train
Indie, Rap, Keyboard, Alternative

3.8/5 Lo-Fi Panda - Scarecrow
sounds like ratatat, short and sweet

3.8/5 Dirtyloud ft. Sirreal - Needle (Original Mix)
Boom, Tick Tock, Complextro, Glitch, whatthefuck im dead, is this your first time? ill race you in my batmobile

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