Thursday, December 22, 2011

sooo ive been busy. got kicked out of college and i have to appeal. went to aspen for a week. ive been depressed a lot and i cant help but want things that i know i cant have. anyways this guy Stay Ali is real good

4.5/5 Staygold, Robyn, Spank Rock & Damien Adore - Backseat (Stay Ali Remix)
Indie, Chill, Car

4/5 Stay Ali - Loner
Electronic, Gliding

4.5/5 Kavinsky - Nightcall (Stay Ali Remix)
Electronic, Car, night drive to nowhere in particular

3.5/5 Stay Ali - Koaligula
Electronic, Chillwave, sounds like starfucker

4.3/5 Stay Ali - Dawn
Relax, short and sweet


  1. ahaha man I check this website everyday, and I'm really sorry to hear that. I hope shit get's better for you soon. Honestly I'm pretty depressed too ahaha. not like super sad...but not happy at all. Kinda stuck in this odd spot where I don't wanna live, but I don't I don't wanna die either ahahahaha. like...death seems like I'd be jumping to conclusions, and I'm to much a puss to do somethin' like that anyways.

  2. Lot of excellent songs here! I had no idea they made a remix of nightcall.
    Stay Ali has to be one of my favorite artists, but I have such a tough time finding their music. Where do you get material from them? There's nothing on and I've never needed a lot of knowledge beyond it.
    Is vat auhlau like the most underrated electronica ep ever or what

  3. thanks for the kind words. yea im in the same boat life just isn't very much fun right now. i never heard of but im going to try to get behind that "door" haha