Tuesday, January 17, 2012

indie day

4.2/5 Breton - Ordnance Survey
Indie, it grows on you.. sounds like tokyo police club

3.9/5 Carousel - Get Up

Happy, Indie, Alternative, Experimental, sounds like phoenix


  1. i am so jelly of all your views!

  2. can you help me with that stratus soundcloud thing?
    i thought i installed it but it doesnt show up

  3. youve got some good songs on your blog man. whenever i get around to making a blog roll you will be at the top. honestly im not much of a web developer but ive learned a bit of html recently. you gotta put the "source files" in the head tag of the page so it knows to get instructions from that url whenever you try to make a "stratus player" instance. if you send me your html i can probably figure it out

  4. looks like you figured it out. it looks good man! your soundcloud players work better than mine... the stratus bar was always hidden behind the default sc players that i use