Tuesday, January 3, 2012

my friends gonna be making posts from now on too... well see how it goes... she has really good music taste

i'm a bit scared because i'm not finding many new artists/songs that i love.. my friend allie is going to be helping post because she has a huge music pool and AMAZING songs

all the creative songs i'm finding are really repetitive and i hate it

heres all ive found over the last few days maybe youll find ONE of them that you like...

if you guys still don't know how to download off the internet, i suggest spending 10 minutes and finding out how to use JDownloader. all you do is copy the url where the song plays and it will seek out the stream. its impossible to get caught because the traffic looks the same as playing the song through your browser


Slow Down, Male Vocals, Ambient Bliss

Electro, Breaks

3/5 Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Dull Life (Professor Purple Remix)

4/5 Grieves, Budo & K.Flay - Lost In The Sun
Rap, Chill

4/5 The Dirty Tees ft. Natasha Bedingfield - Miracle (Fragma Cover)
Massive, fuck yes

3.2/5 Zedd - Stars Come Out (Ryan Enzed Bootleg)
Complextro, repetitive

Indie, Electronic

Indie, Electronic, repetitive vocals zzz

Indie, Car, makes me sad somehow

planking? crips vs bloods? no its a revolution baby


  1. i like your music better. the last post(in my opinion) wasnt to great. only liked one song.
    if you want another partner, i would love to help. i had a music site going for a while but am to busy too busy with skool to keep it running.

  2. haha thanks man. she has good music its just a matter of which ones she chooses to post that i'm worried about... shes a real life hipster...

    i might be interested it all depends on your music taste! i have a dropbox thing on soundcloud. ill try to embed it on here. if you have sick songs though i DEFINITELY WANT YOU POSTING

  3. i actually just stole you idea last night. i had a website before, but i just made a blogger. so much easier.

    check it out, http://thebonersoup.blogspot.com/
    take whatever you want. i have 12gb of new music on my laptop and i only had if for 4 months. so much to catching up to do. this comment is connected to my gmail if you wanna chat.

    keep up the good posts i luv em