Monday, January 9, 2012

skrillex was the first big one, dillon francis the second, and alvin risk the third(?) they all gain cult followings that learn to deal with the bad parts of the song because the good parts still outweigh the bad

4.4/5 Kaskade - Eyes (Alvin Risk Remix)
forget that you know the original, just a warning it's DUBSTEP, LISTEN AFTER 2:45 FIRST, not progressive, this is one of the largest amounts of disgusting in a dubstep song that i have heard if you are not a dubstep fan you will not like this song

3.9/5 SLDGHMR - Catch Fire (Drivepilot Remix)
Dubstep, similar vocals to 3oh!3, really hardcore again...

4.2/5 Todd Terje - Inspector Norse
Chillin, stupid popping sounds in the beginning, but he plays them like a master, a little long

3.5/5 OnCue - Cigarettes and Perfume (ft. manicanparty)
Slow, Rap, Be Loved

i need a webdeveloper to find and/or write code so i can have a soundcloud player with a CUSTOM playlist for songs by passing url's or embed code into the html

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