Wednesday, January 30, 2013

4.4/5 Oliver Schories - Sunset (Joris Delacroix Remix)
2:38, Ecstasy, Journey, Progressive, sounds like cirque du soleil, bass mode

4.4/5 Rudimental ft. John Newman & Alex Clare - Not Giving In (Bondax Remix)
Bass, you already know (unclip sub-bass on your mixer)

3.4/5 Paul Kalkbrenner - Das Gezabel
good background beat, not a care in the world

3.5/5 Broke For Free - Budding
Chill, background music

3.3/5 Au5, Auratic, I.Y.F.F.E - Lucky (Tom Budin Remix)
batman cruising in batmobile -> arrives on scene and pwns. good cod/workout music

2.9/5 $INES - ZO LIFE
this song kinda gives me a headache, but its pretty gansta

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