Monday, July 1, 2013

so much beautiful music...

3.8/5 Geographer - Kites (Limousines Remix)
Indie, Electronic, Summertime Baby

4/5 Vacationer - Good As New (Silent Rider Remix)
Indie, Ambient Bass, Skitchy Electronic

4.6/5 Diamond Messages - Liquid Summer
Chillout, Twinkle & Bass, finally found this song's name... always called it the female orgasm song...

4.3/5 Essáy - Lyla
Chillout, Background

4.1/5 Pazes - Untitled (128 kbps of Bandcamp Preview)
Guitar, Beautiful, Lovely, Beat

4/5 Evenings - Friend (Lover)
Chillout, Ambient, Background, Daze

4/5 Evenings - Babe
Chillout, Ambient, Background, Lovely, not a care in the world

Indie, Electronic

4.1/5 Mathbonus - A Pale Shimmer
Daze, Twinkle & Bass

3.8/5 Yuna - Lullabies (Jim-E Stack Remix)
Female Vocals, Ambient, Chillout

4/5 Purity Ring - Obedear (Magic Sword Remix)
Downtempo, Daze

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